NORMACLAMP® FBS – Springband hose clips to DIN 3021

Because of their design, NORMACLAMP® FBS springband hose clips are particularly suitable for use with hose-spigot connections which are submitted to extreme temperature changes.

Once assembled NORMACLAMP® FBS provide a continuously readjusting dynamic tightening effect.

Also at low temperatures the radially acting tightening force is sufficient to assure a reliable tightness of the system. Even hoses that are submitted to extreme temperature cycles, or those with a tendency to “creep” can be combined to form a safe connection when NORMACLAMP® FBS are used.

  • Lot number stamped on clamp band = safe retraceability
  • NORMA® Logo = the visible sign for high quality
  • Organic/inorganic coating
    • = optimal protection against corrosion
    • Coating in different colour
    • = improved engine design
  • Nominal diameter stamped on the clamp
    • = prevention of mistakes
  • Special design
    • = uniform distribution of clamping forces and optimal roundness
  • Round band edges
    • = optimal hose protection