SPECTRUM 85FN is a unique medium coated low heat input welding electrodes with Ferro-Nickel core wire specially designed for welding cast iron the cold way, the special alloyed weld deposit does not pick up carbon from the base metal and hence remain ductile, soft and easily machinable, at the same time retaining the strength. This permits the electrode without the preheating, even by large complicated castings.


  • Fe-Ni core wire enable weld metal is stronger and more resistant to impurities.
  • Works on law amperage hence low heat input to the base metal.
  • Excellent weldability on normal cast iron to M.S. etc.
  • Weld metal is machinable


  • Tensile strength >490 N/mm2
  • Elongation 30%


  • Before starting the weld, make sure that the casting is absolutely free from grease, oil, rust, paint or dirt.
  • Use back step technique depositing stringer beads not longer than 75 mm.
  • Peen each bead and remove slag thoroughly
  • Weld intermittently so that the casting does not become too hot.
  • The weld bead must not be wider than twice the core wire diameter and not be longer than 10 times the core wire diameter (i.e. length of weld bead not to exceed 75 mm in single pass. To limit internal stresses of the base metal, hammering of the weld deposit is recommended after each pass.
  • In some cases preheating to 300°C and slow cooling is recommended. SPECTRUM 85FN should be welded as DC+ when quiet weld metal flow and good penetration are essential. Welding on AC offers highest crack resistant. The constant change of polarity enables a flow smooth seam requiring for difficult weldable castings